Knowing the Difference Between Giving Grace & Cutting Off Respectfully | P.S.A Podcast S5 Ep 4‬

Knowing the difference on who to be patient with, and who to remove permanently can be difficult. This episode breaks down the difference between the Peters and the Judas in our lives. We all either have them or had them in our lives at some point. Either way, the episode discusses the meaning of yall’s favorite word shiesty and why everyone wants to be like this, uses a JustinLaBoy Instagram post about cheating,dealing with someone selling you out, and Izzy reminisces about a story where he was shiesty in 3rd grade. Although it doesn’t pertain to the episode, Izzy vents about being cyberbullied recently by a celebrities fan pages via Twitter. This episode is sponsored by If you’re looking to grow you personal brand, business, or to become an influencer please go to the site to change your life today! If you are interested in learning more about Juice Plus+, or interested in becoming a partner please reach out to @_izzybakeoven on IG & Twitter. *I DO NOT OWN ANY CLIPS USED*


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