Bold-Track 4 (What No Support From Loved Ones Really Means Feat. Landoh) S5

The story continues with Track 4 about why people closest to you won’t support you, but strangers will. It can be very hurtful, but there is a reason for everything. In some cases, the people closest don’t want to see you fail and in other cases maybe you just aren’t that good at something. Nonetheless, this episode features (@landoh409) an upcoming rapper from Beaumont Texas who sheds light on how he deals with no support. The two have a intense discussion with topics including jealous friends, Megan thee Stallion & Da Baby’s fallout, and the world’s support of Bill Cosby being released from jail. This episode is sponsored by If you’re looking to grow you personal brand, business, or to become an influencer please go to the site to change your life today! If you are interested in learning more about Juice Plus+, or interested in becoming a partner please reach out to @_izzybakeoven on IG & Twitter. *I DO NOT OWN ANY CLIP
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